A comprehensive care for your loved ones

Your care with us begins now. Whatever situation you or your loved one are in, our team in Chestnut Lodge are here to support you by offering a range of care from our expert team of carers and nurses.

Residential care

For those looking for residential care, we have expert carers who offer personal care to those who need that little bit of extra support such as washing and dressing. We also have a carefully curated menu which covers a variety of dietary requirements and an extensive range of activities carried out by our teams.

Nursing care

We have a hard working team of nurses available 24/7 to support our nursing needs and dementia care. We take an individualist approach to our care and have carefully curated care plans for each of our residents.

Dementia care

Every person is different, and every person with dementia should be taken care of according to their own individual needs. Our team of experts are here to provide that level of care and Chestnut Lodge has been designed to provide this.

Respite care

In special situations and based on availability, we offer the opportunity for shorter term stays, from those recovering from illness or a hospital stay, or maybe you are looking to give the caregiver at home a break.

Frequently asked questions

Can I add my own furniture to the room?

We provide all rooms with a bed, drawers and wardrobe. We encourage you to add as much personalisation as possible in the rooms, if you wish to include your own furniture such as drawers etc. that is no problem, however our beds are designed for the care of your loved one so it is not recommended these are swapped.

What is included in costs?

Your loved ones are supported by us 24 hours a day, your fees cover this care as well as all other living costs including food, laundry, heating, washing and accommodation.

Does the room come with a tv and wifi?

Yes all of our rooms have a tv and wifi is provided throughout the home. We also have communal areas which host tv.

When can I visit my loved one?

We want your loved one to feel as much at home as possible, so we do not have any visiting times, come as you please. We only ask that unless you have plans to eat try not come during meal times as this can result in confusion and upset to routine.

When is the right time for a care home?

We understand deciding when the right time is for a loved one to move into a care home can be a difficult decision. Some signs may include:

  • They need specialist care including nursing and dementia.
  • They are struggling with everyday tasks and may be a detriment to themselves and others.
  • They may be struggling with everyday loneliness.
  • They are struggling to maintain good hygiene and diet without support.
Will you be able to support my loved one if needs change?

If your loved one comes into our home on a residential basis and ends up needing additional support whether that be nursing or dementia, we are here to do that.

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