A wonderful, safe and homely environment

At Chestnut Lodge we aim to provide a wonderful, safe and homely environment. We want to make yourself and your loved ones as happy and feel as welcome as possible. To do this we have an expert team of carers and nurses as well as constantly refreshing our bedrooms and communal areas.

Daily life at Chestnut lodge

At Chestnut Lodge we aim to provide our residents with familiarity and structure in their day to day lives. Our team of expert activity leads partake in various activities throughout the day. These activities range from bingo, crafts, pamper days to days in the garden at our home. We take suggestions from residents and their loved ones as well as introducing activities which stimulate the mind and can be adapted to those with dementia care. People really are the centre of everything we do, we are constantly improving, adapting and updating our homes.

Safe and caring

Our carers and nurses are on hand 24/7 to provide a safe home for you and your loved ones. We are constantly updating our care plans, introducing training and new technology into our homes to provide this.

Comfortable and sociable

We understand that once the decision has been made to move yourself or your loved one into our home it can be an often scary and lonely experience. That is why we make our homes as sociable as possible. Not only do we have an expert activities team on hand to provide fun and exciting group work we also have communal areas which often have music and television on for our residents to come and go as they please.

Health and diet

We understand the importance of a good diet and movement. That is why we have designed menus which cater for all diet types, and also all religions including halal produce. On top of this, we incorporate movement into our activities to make sure both health and fitness is covered in our home.


All of our newly refurbished bedrooms include en-suites to ensure complete privacy for our residents. Our rooms are designed to fit your personal taste, and we welcome all personalisation including hanging photos and any other special touches which will make you feel more at home. Our rooms also have wifi and televisions so yourself or your loved one have the option to relax in their own space.


Our activities leads have created a timetable designed to suit all of our residents in the home. These activities range from bingo to gardening in order to stimulate our residents both mentally and physically. 

Flowers in garden

Food and nutrition

At Chestnut Lodge we provide a varied diet, including covering personal dietary needs and halal produce. We provide three meals a day as well as snacks for all our residents as well as special treats alongside activities.

Watch a video tour

Let us take you on a virtual tour around the Chestnut Lodge care home. If you like what you see, why not book yourself a visit and come and say “hello” in person?

Frequently asked questions

Can I add my own furniture to the room?

We provide all rooms with a bed, drawers and wardrobe. We encourage you to add as much personalisation as possible in the rooms, if you wish to include your own furniture such as drawers etc. that is no problem, however our beds are designed for the care of your loved one so it is not recommended these are swapped.

What is included in costs?

Your loved ones are supported by us 24 hours a day, your fees cover this care as well as all other living costs including food, laundry, heating, washing and accommodation.

Does the room come with a tv and wifi?

Yes all of our rooms have a tv and wifi is provided throughout the home. We also have communal areas which host tv.

When can I visit my loved one?

We want your loved one to feel as much at home as possible, so we do not have any visiting times, come as you please. We only ask that unless you have plans to eat try not come during meal times as this can result in confusion and upset to routine.

When is the right time for a care home?

We understand deciding when the right time is for a loved one to move into a care home can be a difficult decision. Some signs may include:

  • They need specialist care including nursing and dementia.
  • They are struggling with everyday tasks and may be a detriment to themselves and others.
  • They may be struggling with everyday loneliness.
  • They are struggling to maintain good hygiene and diet without support.
Will you be able to support my loved one if needs change?

If your loved one comes into our home on a residential basis and ends up needing additional support whether that be nursing or dementia, we are here to do that.

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